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Face-to-face and Virtual Offerings

Training Workshops: Text


Training Workshops: Text
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Training Workshops: Image

Organisations can bring training / facilitation skills in-house. These skills allow for long term sustainability of change efforts . It is also a cost-effective option when organisations want to institutionalise learning and the acquisition of new skills.

These workshops are typically 2 - 3 days in length, and provide new trainers / facilitators with the following skills:

  • Understanding needs of the sponsor

  • Design and development of programme

  • Delivery of programme

  • Programme evaluation and improvement

Participants  will also then develop skills to design, develop and deliver basic programmes in the following areas:

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Facilitated meetings

  • Focus group discussions

  • Year end retreats

We offer both virtual and in-person options:

Training Workshops: Text
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Training Workshops: Image
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